Boudoir photos don't have to look boring!

A quick tour of boudoir photographers on social media will quickly show you that boudoir photos all looks quite the same. A beautiful woman in lingerie, usually on a bed, looking seductively into the camera. Almost always in black and white.

Or something similar, because although black and white can produce really exciting results, many images remain in a boring drizzly gray-gray color scheme. But it doesn't have to be that way. Boudoir photos don't have to look boring!

boudoir photos don't have to look boring

In earlier times, the term boudoir referred to a room in a stately mansion. In that room ladies could dress, undress and make up. Nowadays we mainly use the term to indicate what the subject of the photo shoot is. A woman, usually dressed in beautiful lingerie.

What does Your Naked Skin do differently?

First of all, the use of color. As previously noted, a lot of boudoir photography is done in black and white. I like to work in color and I have acquired a recognizable style with color. I also like to use that in my boudoir photography. Moreover, women have often invested in beautiful colorful lingerie. I like to show that in the photos that I deliver. Many photographers use black and white to create a certain mood. But I think that can also be done with the use of color.

a suitable location for a boudoir shoot is very important

I think a suitable location is very important. But I try to look beyond a bed on which the model can be displayed. For me, any location where a woman could be seen in lingerie is sufficient. So it doesn't necessarily have to be a boring hotel room. But I don't go too wild either. I won't be taking boudoir photos on a construction site or in a busy city center anytime soon.

I think a boudoir photo can also contain nudity. Not everyone agrees. I wouldn't mind calling this a boudoir photo.

a boudoir photo can contain nudity

Finally, for me, boudoir does not necessarily mean that the model has to wear expensive lingerie. I often use very ordinary clothes. Or no clothing at all. As long as justice is done to the idea of a boudoir shoot, namely showing someone at their most beautiful and enchanting, that is quite possible.

you don't need expensive lingerie for boudoir photos

So, next time you book a boudoir shoot, make sure not to create the dull photos you see everywhere. Look at these. Boudoir photos don't have to look boring. They can be colorful, creative and different. Book Your Naked Skin if you want this.

Look at the boudor portfolio page for more photos


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