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Recognition for Curly

 Just received a new award on Viewbug for a photo of one of my most recent shoots with Curly. Congratulations YourNakedSkin! Your photo just grabbed the Ignition Award.

New short erotic story

Your Naked Skin published a new short erotic story, completely illustrated with our photos.  the story is about Iris, a single woman who leads a stable life and seems to have everything on track. Seems, because she has a secret and a mysterious caller seems to know what it is. The prudish Iris is willing to do anything to safeguard her secret. The main character in this story is played by the Dutch model Iris Red. You can find our Dutch books over here . Previews

A no-touch policy and why that is important (NSFW)

A nude photoshoot is an exciting event for everyone. Of course for the person in front of the camera, who shows him- or herself naked to a stranger. But also for the photographer, because he has to deliver to someone who is willing to go very far and has put aside all shame for the perfect picture. That perfect picture will only happen if everyone involved in the shoot feels safe and can be completely themselves.