A no-touch policy and why that is important (NSFW)

A nude photoshoot is an exciting event for everyone. Of course for the person in front of the camera, who shows him- or herself naked to a stranger. But also for the photographer, because he has to deliver to someone who is willing to go very far and has put aside all shame for the perfect picture. That perfect picture will only happen if everyone involved in the shoot feels safe and can be completely themselves.

The feeling of safety can be enormously affected when you are touched by someone with whom you have no relationship (and do not want to) while you are naked. That's why: A no-touch policy and why that is important. 

When you book a nude shoot at Your Naked Skin, we agree in advance that we will not touch each other during the shoot. You can touch other models if you are okay with that (and agreed on that beforehand) but not the photographer. We create a private space where the photographer should stay away. Within that space you can be your totally self. We stay out of your way by using long lenses, even if you want erotic close-ups. If we ever need to come closer, we will announce that and ask for it.

A no-touch policy can also help ensure that there is no erotically charged atmosphere. Such an atmosphere can be experienced as extremely threatening for someone who is (the only one) naked. The photographer of Your Naked Skin is very aware of the fact that you got naked FOR THE CAMERA, and not for him. Moreover, we can make the distinction between nudity and sex. That does not mean that erotic or even pornographic photos cannot be taken. On the contrary. You can let go without any worries because you know that everyone in the room will remain professional and keep their fingers off you. People often say that our photos look so 'real'. They are, and that is because people felt free and unthreatened.

For this reason you cannot book POV (point-of-view) photo shoots with us. During these shoots, many photographers take off their own clothes to create a point-of-view effect. The photographer then takes pictures of you while you give him a blow job, for example. Your Naked Skin likes clarity. A photographer is not a model and vice versa. Everyone has their own role. You cannot expect top photography when the sexual aspect during a shoot is number one. Sex doesn't become a form of art because you're holding a camera during the act. 

You can't book POV-shoots with us. You need to bring your own partner or book another model for photos like these.

You can't book POV-shoots with us. You need to bring your own partner or book another model for photos like these. 

You can't book POV-shoots with us. You need to bring your own partner or book another model for photos like these.

With Your Naked Skin you can be assured that the photographer's hands stay where they belong: on the camera!


  1. Awesome article again on a subject that many fail on..........they failed from the start. I have had NON NUDE shoots go nude just because she or he or they wanted nudes but did not want to ask. They told me they felt so comfortable they were willing to do anything.

    1. It is important to find a balance in this. I don't always think it's good when people want to go further than agreed during the shoot. I want them to think before the shoot whether they will be photographed naked or not. But congratulations if you managed to create such an atmosphere!


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