Rembrandt's light

November 2018, I did a photoshoot with Sophie at her home in Amsterdam. Again, I was the rookie and Sofie was the experienced nude model. As she lived in the city center, there was nowhere to park my car. I decided to travel light and bring only one speedlight as external lighting. The whole afternoon was one big experiment with flashlight.

Only when I started to photograph without the speedlight I recognized how beautiful the ambient light actually was. I never touched the speedlight again during that shoot. 

Some photos of this shoot received some recognition. This one (Sofie on the floor) was accepted for exhibition in a photo salon in Spain.

In case you ever wondered where Rembrandt got his beautiful light...he once lived close to Sofie's. apartment. He must have seen the same light...

Since that day I shoot with ambient light more often. It always results in a lot throw-aways but the 'keepers' are so much more rewarding!


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